Terms & Conditions of Service


1. Code of Practice
Landrake Dog Walking will provide a professional, reliable and trustworthy service in line with the standards required by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters (NARPS UK).

2. Insurance
Landrake Dog Walking is insured for dog walking and pet sitting activities with Protectivity Insurance.

3. Health & Safety

Landrake Dog Walking requires medical records for all dogs in our care, detailing vaccinations, worming and flea treatments. It is the owner’s responsibility to update this information by email attaching an image of relevant documents e.g. vaccination record, worming and flea treatment schedule.

All medical issues that may impact your dog’s or other dog’s wellbeing must be disclosed prior to service delivery.

You are responsible for advising Landrake Dog Walking of any changes to your dog’s health and any veterinary advice received.

4. Behaviour

4.1 Landrake Dog Walking reserves the right to refuse to provide services to any dog which may be a danger to other dogs or members of the public.

4.2 Bitches in season will not be walked, alternative arrangements will be discussed.

4.3 Any behavioural issues must be disclosed to Landrake Dog Walking, failure to do so may result in suspension or withdrawal of services.

4.4 Behavioural strategies put in place for individual dogs are subject to ongoing review and analysis, Landrake Dog Walking may suspend walking services if the safety of your dog, other dogs, livestock and members of the public cannot be ensured with appropriate safeguards.

5. Dog Walking

5.1 Leads
Your dog will be exercised on lead or long line unless your written permission for off lead exercise is obtained. Areas where your dog is off lead will be as safe as possible however no off lead exercise is entirely free of risk and by agreeing to off lead exercise you acknowledge and accept that an element of risk exists. You are responsible for ongoing reinforcement of recall commands and must inform Landrake Dog Walking if problems are developing with your dog’s recall. Trailing leads may be used as a short term training tool with written agreement.

5.2 Microchipping & Identity Tags
Your dog must be microchipped – this is a legal requirement. If your dog is not microchipped you must attend to this without unreasonable delay or walking services will be withdrawn until this is rectified. Additionally your dog should wear a tag with your name, postcode and phone number, if this is missing Landrake Dog Walking may attach their own details whilst on a walk.

6. Pet Sitting
You agree to provide a safe and secure environment for your pet during your absence. You agree to be contactable or nominate a person to whom you have delegated authority for decision making with regard to your pet and your pet’s environment.

7. Payment
7.1 Full payment is required weekly in advance for walking. Bookings are provisional until payment is received. The cut off for payment is 9am on the Monday morning of the week the walk is booked. Late payment may result in loss of availability.
7.2 Payment for pet sitting – 50% to be paid at time of booking, the balance will be due no later than 7 days before the first day of the house sit.

8. Cancellations

Cancellations made with less than 28 days notice will be charged at full price unless prior agreement has been reached with regard to exceptional circumstances.

9. Confidentiality

Landrake Dog Walking uses photography primarily to engage with clients who enjoy seeing their dog’s activities but also to document progress towards training goals and for promotion purposes on social media. Your dog may appear as the subject of or in the background of a photograph. If you do not wish your dog to be featured on social media for reasons of confidentiality please make this known and efforts will be made to exclude your dog from photographs which are used on social media.

10. Comfort Breaks

A comfort break is not a walk. A short walk may be offered as part of a comfort break if appropriate to the dog’s needs.